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Healthy Churches Conference – Manipur 2022

Biblical Church Growth

June 17, 2022 -
June 17, 2022



About the conference

Equip Indian Churches (EIC) is having its first regional conference for the church in Manipur. We hope to have a follow-up conference each year. By God’s grace, we are hoping to meet and think about Biblical Church Growth.

We are hoping that this one-day conference would encourage our brothers and sisters in Manipur who are keen to grow in the understanding of the Biblical church and also are committed to the preaching of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Healthy Churches Conference – Manipur 2022

Given the current circumstances, when so many voices are calling out to get our attention to adopt various models of Church Growth; the Church in Manipur needs a clear, robust, and Biblical understanding of Ecclesiology (The study of Church) so that our churches can be faithful and rooted in scriptures as we also enjoy true Biblical growth.

Dear friends, if you live in Imphal or are close to Imphal, then please take some time out from your busy schedules to come and be encouraged, challenged, and equipped by men who are engaged in serving the church in the various parts of the country. All these men are committed to the ministry of the local church and also have a deep desire to help fellow believers and pastors around the country to have a better and Biblical understanding of the church.

This event would be a great opportunity to make friends and network with like-minded brothers and sisters from your city and neighbouring cities.

By Pastors in India in Association with EIC.