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Hezekiah Harshit Singh

Hezekiah Harshit Singh

serves as one of the elders at Satya Vachan Church. He is married to Malini and they have four children.

What role do Illustrations play in your preaching?

What advice would you give to a pastor who wants to grow as a preacher?

Session 8 – Trusting God for Growth


Day 2 – Panel Discussion

Day 2, Session 2 – The Power Of The Pastor, Preaching in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Introduction of AIPC 2023

What is Expository Preaching?


AIPC 2022 – Panel Discussion 2

How do you make sure everyone in your church is being shepherded?

What are the blessings of having other pastors as friends?

Session 5: The Work of the Holy Spirit in Missions

Introduction – AIPC 2022

What do we mean by Complementarianism?

What do we mean by Reformed?

In What Ways can Churches Partner Together?

What is Equip Indian Churches hoping to accomplish?

What is Equip Indian Churches?

Unbiblical Church Growth Methods


Session 8 – Q & A

What Is A True Biblical Church?

What Is A True Biblical Church?