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Nathan Eda

Nathan Eda

serves as one of the elders at Community Bible Church, Navi Mumbai. He is married to Jen and they have two children.

Session 6 – What is Biblical Discipleship?

What is Expository Preaching?

What are The Challenges of Pastoring in a Mega City?

How do you make sure everyone in your church is being shepherded?

What are the blessings of having other pastors as friends?

“Sitting, Walking, Lying, Rising”: Teaching Doctrine to Children

Session 7: Nathan Eda – The Glory of God in Missions

How Do We as Christians Influence The City?

What do we mean by Complementarianism?

What do we mean by Reformed?

In What Ways can Churches Partner Together?

What is Equip Indian Churches hoping to accomplish?

What is Equip Indian Churches?

How Does Expositional Preaching Feed The Church?

Discipleship And Preaching


Session 8 Q & A

I AM The Bread Of Life

What Does Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer Teach Us About His Priorities?

The Uniqueness of the Gospel

What Do We Teach Our Children About Christmas?