Dr. Ram Rao

Dr. Ram Rao

serves as an elder at Anugraha Reformed Presbyterian Church in Bengaluru, Karnataka. He is married to Asha and they have four adult children.

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Prosperity teaching is rapidly spreading around the world and it has led many inside and outside the church away from the good news (gospel) that is proclaimed in the Bible....

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The Shepherd Leader
Among Jesus’ last commandments to the Apostle Peter prior to his ascension was to feed his sheep and to tend his sheep (John 21).  Have you ever thought deeply about what these commandments mean and how they practically apply to the way pastors and elders are to serve in the church today?  I have found The Shepherd Leader by Timothy Z. Witmer very helpful in thinking through and practically applying shepherding practices to the churches in which I have served as an elder.  This book is helpful and practical for not just pastors, but especially the lay elders, who frequently...