AIPC 2019

Church The Bride Of Christ

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  • has several years of pastoral ministry. He has served as a cross-cultural missionary and is passionate about encouraging pastors and men training for pastoral ministry to pursue holiness.

  • has been a pastor of Grace Covenant Baptist Church in Flemington, New Jersey, since its inception in 1985. He and Patricia have been married since 1977 and have three sons, one daughter, and one daughter-in-law.

  • serves as pastor of Satya Vachan Church, pastoral trainer and church planter. He is married to Malini and they have two daughters and two sons.

  • serves as Senior Pastor of DBF-Gurgaon, Delhi. He is married to Karisa and have four kids.

  • serves as a pastor at Ekklesia Evangelical Fellowship, Hyderabad, Telangana. He is married to Chaitanya and they have two children.

About the conference

One of the key doctrines that every pastor must grasp is the doctrine of the church. The church is a prized possession of God, and is the “bride” for which Christ gave his life, and so this is not something to be taken lightly or to be innovative about. There are many ideas of what a church is and what should happen in a church, not all of which stand up to the scrutiny of the Bible. In this conference, experienced pastors, and several Indian pastors help to clarify what the church is, and what the church should do.

Topics covered include theological realities of what the church, as well as practical implications for pastoral ministry. Several breakout sessions explore important aspects of pastoral ministry in the local church.