AIPC 2021

Suffering And Pastoral Ministry

August 17, 2021 -
August 20, 2021


About the conference

Pastoral ministry is a difficult calling, with hardships and heartbreaks in the ministry, and struggles and challenges in the personal life. This has always been true but has been exasperated by the Covid-19 pandemic in the last two years. Shepherding church members has been difficult in a social-distancing world, with several members losing loved ones. In the midst of the mental, emotional, and physical strain of pastoral ministry, this year’s conference seeks to bring biblically grounded refreshment.

We have asked seasoned gospel workers to speak to us and encourage us from God’s Word and from their experiences. We will also have a few Indian pastors speaking into the issue, and seeking to encourage us to persist in faithful service and to encourage our churches to stay rooted in God even in the midst of immense suffering. Apart from the preaching sessions, the panel discussions will see Indian pastors discussing practical implications for the purpose of edifying the participants.


*Each registered participant (within India) will receive a complimentary gift of several theologically sounds, biblically faithful printed paperback books of international quality...!!!