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Regional Conferences

Equality of Men and Women in Value and Dignity | Dion Steinhauer | Session-1
Dion Steinhauer
Can Women Be Pastors and Teach Men in the Church? | C Stephen David | Session-2
C. Stephen David
Ministries of Women | Dion Steinhauer | Session-3
Dion Steinhauer
Understanding a few controversial passages | Cyril Nehemiah | Session-4
Cyril Nehemiah
Can Believers Lose Their Salvation? – 1
Dion Steinhauer
Can Believers Lose Their Salvation? – 2
C. Stephen David
Can Believers Lose Their Salvation? – 3
Charles P. Thaluri
Is the Holy Bible Sufficient for Building the Church
C. Stephen David
The Gospel
Samuel Boppuri
What Is A Church?
Isaac Saurabh Singh
How Does A Christian Grow?
Mario Peter
Discipleship And Preaching
Nathan Eda
Evangelism and Missions
Benjamin George
Unbiblical Church Growth Methods
Hezekiah Harshit Singh
Session 8 Q & A
Q & A Panel Discussion
Q & A Panel Discussion
Church Discipline
C. Stephen David
Edison DSouza
Hezekiah Harshit Singh