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How does your ministry and your church influence the culture of your city


To be honest, I struggle to find any kind of command or teaching in the Bible where we are called to influence the culture of a city. What we are called to do is to be faithful in being witnesses and being a pillar and ground of the truth where God has placed us to live out the wonderful change that the Lord Jesus Christ has brought about in our heart to love and serve people, beginning with believers and even to people outside in our sphere of influence. The greatest change is not cultural transformation ultimately, but it is the transformation where we come into living fellowship with the Triune God through the gospel. And so, I think we just continually live this simple Christian life – unglamorous Christian life – and pray and seek for opportunities to witness and to talk about our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, and pray that the seed that we are sowing may yield a rich harvest by the grace of God.

Vineet Sasane

serves as the Pastor at Jeevant Asha Bible Church, Pune, Maharashtra. He is married to Sayia and they have three children.

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