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How Does Expositional Preaching Feed The Church?


So, if expositional preaching is taking the Word of God and planting it deep in the soul of man, then the way it helps the church is by understanding God’s word and applying it. In second Timothy chapter four, we are told again that when we preach the word we correct people, when we preach the word we rebuke people who might be straying away from what’s true, when we preach the word we encourage people. So the way it helps the church then is to become more like Jesus Christ. And while we become more like Jesus Christ, because in knowing who Jesus is and becoming more like Jesus we worship God better. We were made to worship God, we were made to bring all things under the subjection of Jesus. And as the church, when we gather as the people of God, we worship God best. When we take the Word of God seriously and apply it in the Church’s life, we do that by correcting, rebuking, by encouraging, as we sit under expositional preaching.

But as we do that we must remember that it doesn’t happen overnight. We are told over and over in Scripture to remember, to remember. So, the Word of God is given to us daily through the grace of God, it is given to us through the preaching of the Word of God. By faithful men who prepare well and who apply it in their lives, so that we can patiently instruct people and what it means to live for Jesus, and what it means to worship Jesus. So, I think expositional preaching then makes the Church what it ought to be, a people of God who love God built on the Word of God to the glory of God. 

Nathan Eda

serves as one of the elders at Community Bible Church, Navi Mumbai. He is married to Jen and they have two children.

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