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How Do We as Christians Influence The City?


One of the ways that people try to influence the city is by trying to create particular ministries or particular contexts, where the Common Ground between unbelievers and believers is found and then the gospel can be preached.

Now while the desire of these people to try and reach the city can be commended. The method itself decries the holy Scriptures, what we have is this desire. Through methodology to try to have somebody become a born-again. Believer and that is not a man-made, man-created task. The way one becomes a born-again believer is through the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit. So one of the best ways then to influence the city as a Christian, it is yes live out your Christian life. Because Jesus Christ has authority over everything in a Christian's life, at home, at the workplace, when you play cricket when you travel in a bus. Yes even during heavy traffic but that does not mean you are influencing the city. It is not until you clearly articulate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a soul of man that the spirit of God makes dead people alive. And that's the only time that a soul that is dead becomes alive. It's not until then can you influence the city as a Christian for the sake of eternity.

Nathan Eda

serves as one of the elders at Community Bible Church, Navi Mumbai. He is married to Jen and they have two children.

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