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What is Biblical Worship?


In this 'Answers to Equip Indian Churches' video, Brother Boboy helps answer the question "What is Biblical Worship?"

Biblical worship could be defined as the worship that is informed, guarded, and sanctified by the word of God Alone.
In which the people of God gathered together and read the Word and seeing the word with songs that are filled with Biblical truth. And see the word through the ordinances of baptism and Lord supper. And a preached word by literally opening up the Bible and telling to the people what the word of God says to them.
So, in biblical worship, our songs must help our people enjoy God. Our prayer must direct them toward God and our people must hear God's voice. When they hear reading his word out loud. And in our preaching, all our preaching must exalt God at the utter most and that is biblical worship.

Boboy Nameirakpam Singh

serves as a pastor in Gospel Community Church, Imphal, Manipur. He is married to Bideshwori and they have two children.

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