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Why is missions important for Indian Churches?



The mission of the church is to display the glory of God by doing three things. Evangelism, which is proclaiming the gospel to all peoples. It's church planting which is the gathering of people into churches in every place and it's filling those churches with disciples, who will obey God and praise Him forever for his grace. 

This is the mission of the church and this is what mission is. A lot of times we relegate missions to just the first part, just evangelism, but it's so much more than that. And so, the question, “Why is mission important to Indian churches?” 

I would say it's important for three reasons. The first reason it's important is because hell is real. And you know, of course, Indian Christians should care about all kinds of suffering, but we should be especially concerned about eternal suffering. And so, because hell is real, Indian Christians should be concerned about missions. 

A second reason why Indian Christians should care about missions is because of God's glory. Now the whole idea of missions was not man's idea, it's God's idea. And missions goes forth not by our power or strength, it goes forth by God's power and strength. So, if Indian Christians are truly concerned about the glory of God, then Indian Christians and Indian churches will be concerned about missions. 

And a third reason is the nature of the church itself. Now the church – the local church – is the primary means by which the mission is accomplished. This is the way it is found in Scripture, this is the means of mission expansion according to the Great Commission. And so, if Indian churches truly see themselves as the instrument of missions, then they should be and they will be concerned about missions.  

So, this is why mission should be important to Indian churches.

Benjamin George

serves as one of the elders at Grace Church, Kochi, Kerala. He is married to Miriam and they have three children.

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