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What is Equip Indian Churches hoping to accomplish?


Harshit Singh: What is Equip Indian Churches hoping to accomplish? 

Stephen David: I think the goal of Equip Indian churches is to build healthy partnerships between the churches. And also at the same time impacting the churches with healthy biblical principles to follow. So that it is only by following the design of God that we would be able to exalt the authority of the scripture, exalt the supremacy of Christ, and lead believers towards spiritual maturity. 

Harshit Singh: Okay! 

Vineet Sasane: And I think that has happened best organically because of the friendship that we've had. I think it's not a forced friendship. The common denominator is we all want to take the Scriptures seriously. And at the same time, we want to fellowship with one another, we don't want to be isolationists doing our own thing. We see the value of each other's friendship and each other's counsel in our own ministries, while understanding that we’re not a church, we have our own churches that we minister to. 

Harshit Singh: What do you hope to accomplish through the EIC? 

Benjamin George: So, the Bible obviously teaches independence of churches, but also this concept of interdependence, where we help each other and we need each other. One of the things that I look for in this network is getting to know people in ministry who are like-minded for fellowship, for friendship. When we send people from our church or when people move to another city, I need to know which of the churches that are nearby because I care for them as a pastor. And the same thing goes for you brothers when you send your people to Kochi or Bangalore or Hyderabad or wherever. It's a concern for our own sheep. 

Harshit Singh: Nobody comes to Lucknow!

Benjamin George: But that's one of the things that really excites me that I can have some confidence knowing that if my people were to leave, there is a faithful pastor and church, where I would be very happy to send them. And that's been a huge encouragement to me. 

Harshit Singh: So, EIC hopes to accomplish, I mean to forge friendships and partnerships and cooperation among different churches and build a lot of friendship among pastors. No competitive spirit. It's not about our kingdom, not about our empire. It's not a mechanism to raise money, to build a ministry. 

Stephen David: Absolutely.

Harshit Singh: But to actually speak into one another’s lives. And we have all benefited from this personally and we are very grateful for this. Thank you for your time.

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